Helped Me To Connect With My Unborn Son

I did not participate in this type of healing with my daughter, I was encouraged by the thought of trying it with my son Joseph.  Being a first time mother with my daughter, it was a hard transition for me.  Prior to her
birth I had just moved across country.  I left a successful career in accounting and all my friends to be a SAHM. By the time I was pregnant with my son, I was involved with a couple of mothers groups, but had still not strongly connected with any of the women in this new town we were living in.  I have long struggled with certain family issues and felt emotionally burdened and drained.  The process helped me to focus on my current struggles and feelings and to connect with my unborn son and to understand his desires for our family and to unwrap my burdens from my shoulders and allow him to be born free of these burdens.  It was a releasing and cleansing experience and allowed me to bond with him and focus my energies and emotions on his birth instead of my past baggage.  He was a fast delivery and has been a blessing to us all.  The experience was wonderful and I am blessed to have had the experience.

— Anna Doyle (SAHM with two children, Elizabeth (3) Joseph (1))

Able To See Things More Clearly And Do What I Needed To Do

I came to see Erica at a time when I was having a lot of stress because of an interpersonal relationship.  After our session there was a powerful shift in my energy around the situation and I was able to move forward in a positive way. The next time I saw Erica for a session I was struggling with making some changes in my life. Again, there was a total shift in my energy after working with Erica. In both cases I was very impressed with the immediate changes I felt in my ability to deal with difficult situations.  It was as if there was a blockage that was removed and then I was able to see things more clearly and do what I needed to do.  Because I consider Erica a friend I wasn’t sure how it would be working with her in this capacity, but I came away knowing that she has a true gift for healing that she is generously willing to share with people.  I would highly recommend working with Erica to anyone who is trying to make a change in their life but feeling stuck, or anyone feeling their life is in transition and they want to make the most of the opportunity before them.

— Stephanie Ellis, L.Ac.

Openness And Space Resulting In Movement

My daughter (age 10) and I have both done energy work with Erica.  For myself, it is always an experience that provides some openness and space resulting in movement.  A shift feels so good when you are stuck or experiencing some kind of resistance.  I feel like working with Erica gives me greater potential (or a better chance at reaching it), a different perspective, and the rejuvenation to keep going.

–Nora Snyder

Skillful With Prenatal Communication

Erica is a gifted healer.  In the experience of the birth of her daughter she was called and she listened with great courage.  She walked through her pregnancy and birth listening at a deeper level of consciousness to her own soul and to the spirit/voice of her daughter.  This experience radically opened Erica as she tuned in to her deeper wisdom and intuitive knowing and guidance.  Erica is an empowered healer and especially skillful with prenatal communication.


Enabled Me To Reach Deeper

Erica, thank you. You were truly born to be doing this healing work. In
tune, engaging and patient in the process, you enabled me to reach deeper and challenge my fears. I am lucky to have been in your hands.

–Maureen Kaddar

Committed To Keeping It Real

Dear Erica, My complete and undying appreciation for taking the plunge with me through a wild, unexpected and necessary growth experience. You’re an amazing friend with a wonderful talent. I’m so appreciative that you shared and committed to keeping it real. It really, really worked. And for not sparing me the hard parts.

–Nikki Koenig Nielson

Really Helped Me To Tune Into My Body

I had a great experience receiving Reiki treatments from Erica. She really helped me to tune into my body. I was very impressed with her ability to balance the flow of energy throughout the circuits in my body. Erica encouraged me to journal after the treatment, which allowed me to internalize what I had just experienced. This was extremely helpful in my healing. I think she is very skilled at what she does, and would highly recommend her Reiki services. Thank you Erica!!

–Ellen K. Pitt

Great Ability To Connect With My Soul And My Body

Erica is an amazing healer. She has this great ability to connect with my soul and my body, following a little dance – leading when necessary and following when that’s appropriate. I also appreciate her amazingly open heart as she’s giving healings. Give yourself the treat of a healing with Erica!


Wholistic Consciousness

The wholistic consciousness; body ~ mind – that Erica brings to a treatment is what I always thought a healer and a healing could be. After a long personal journey, now I know this is true. Thank God…

–Alexis Eldridge, Artist & One Light Healing Touch Practitioner

Transformative Experience

Erica’s energy healing–it’s hard to describe, but it’s a transformative experience. What we discovered and shared during our last session…I feel like there is limitless potential within me. Transformative is really the word.

–Betsy Kraat

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