(Since giving birth to her daughter:) “I feel better. I feel hornier. I feel more womanly and more accomplished and prouder.”
~ Tea Leoni

Erica Chase-Salerno was introduced to energy healing in 2000 through meeting a cool Catholic nun who practiced Reiki. The Catholic nun/Reiki combination completely captivated Erica and helped her see Reiki as a credible healing path. Erica became attuned and certified as a Level 1 practitioner in 2001 and gained her Level 2 certification in 2002 while pregnant with her son.  

During her pregnancy with her daughter, she felt a unique connection with the baby being inside  of her.  She experienced an ongoing communication that led to a planned unassisted lotus homebirth. She sought support around this special prenatal communication, and during her last  trimester worked with Nancy Plumer, a teacher and practitioner of One Light Healing Touch. Erica has since completed the OLHT Basic School and incorporates these additional skills into her practice.

Wyld Acres is the name that was revealed to Erica during meditation. It names their land as well  as her healing arts practice. Wyld is an old spelling for Wild, but it also means Croft: a small plot  of land, often with a house on it, that the owner or occupier farms. Wyld also stands for What you love doing.  The red and blue logo design was also a gift received in meditation.

Erica enjoys yoga, Pilates, playing violin and viola, hiking, and co-moderating the regional parenting website HudsonValleyParents.com she owns with her husband, Michael.  Erica also writes about area activities for families in the Hudson Valley in her weekly Kids’ Almanac column in Ulster Publishing’s Alm@nac. They live an unschooling life with their son and daughter, along with some fur and feathered friends in New Paltz, New York.


“Ancient psychology, rooted in a very different ground from modern therapeutic thinking, held that the fate and character of each of us is born in mystery, that our individuality is so profound and so hidden that it takes more than a lifetime for identity to emerge. Renaissance doctors said that the essence of each person originates as a star in the heavens.”                            Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

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