Wyld Workshop: “Pleasures of Pregnancy”


So excited to announce this upcoming workshop, offered on two different dates.  Please spread the word to your pregnant or prenatal caregiving friends (midwives, doulas, OB-GYN’s, etc.)!

Pleasures of Pregnancy Workshop – Sunday, June 14 or Sunday, July 12, 2:00-4:30pm, Waddle & Swaddle, 37 Raymond Ave., Poughkeepsie, Facilitated by Erica Chase-Salerno and Marnie McKnight-Favell.  RSVP: 845.255.5896 or erica@wyldacres.com. Cost is $10. 

Come nurture yourself and connect deeply with your baby in this relaxing and informative gathering. Rather than a birthing class or standard prenatal care session, this workshop aims to get you in touch at the deepest level of the energetic nature of your pregnancy, upcoming labor, and delivery. Intended for mothers at any stage of pregnancy, all birth plans, whether this is your first child or next child, we will explore and practice techniques designed to strengthen you and your mind/body, as well as look at any new awarenesses around this child during this pregnancy. We will help participants to interpret information being communicated to them from this baby, as well as process questions and concerns that are coming up during the pregnancy. 

Topics will include prenatal yoga, prenatal communication, and emotional/energetic centering to support you in preparation for the birth. Tools being offered and experienced at this workshop include: practicing specific yoga positions to increase strength and openness; reflecting upon thoughts and sharings from the baby to the mother; creating a “Mama Map” to track various events that have occurred in the mother’s life and drawing from them to learn about individual patterns and tendencies with regard to the birth process itself; and more!  

Erica and Marnie are both mamas and experienced group leaders with individual healing practices who are committed to honoring the birth journey in its many forms. 

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