Heidi – What If You Didn’t Find Out The Gender?

Congratulations to Heidi Klum and Seal on their pregnancy.  Heidi mentioned on the Ellen show recently that they plan to find out the gender of the child at the end of the month.  She also said that she feels like this is “it” for children for them, that they may not plan to have more after this one.  

I began wondering, what if you *didn’t* find out the gender of your baby?  What might it be like, to let this unfold just the way your life and love for each other seem to?  

You’ve done this before. You know all about the world of pregnancy and babies and parenting.  What if this time you just let go of the answers for a little while, especially if it’s the last round of babymaking.  What might it be like to discover at the point of birth the gender of your baby, not to plan the nursery or clothes or gifts or names ahead of time?  Might this reflect your true spirit?  During what feels like an era of change and possibility, how might it feel to let go of “the way you’ve gone before,” and to honor the path of “not planned/not unplanned,” the way you described this pregnancy to Ellen.  

I appreciate your willingness to share your personal life through the media, thank you for that.  I felt led to respond to you, curious about this new being coming into the world, and what the baby might want in terms of knowns, and unknowns, along the journey of pregnancy.

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