To People Trying To Get A Breech Baby To Turn Around

This is for people trying to get a breech baby to turn around. And people who love them.

If this speaks to you, I imagine your worry if the baby *doesn’t* turn. If the baby doesn’t turn, perhaps your homebirth midwife will send you to the hospital due to protocol and insurance concerns. If the baby doesn’t turn, perhaps you’ll have a c-section, if you’re planning on a birth center or hospital delivery.

Until that point, you probably know by now that there are loads of resources on-line for folks trying to get the baby to turn including exercises, inversion, acupuncture, massage, and visualization. It’s like the end of the world for some people to hear their babes are breech and they’ll do almost anything to change it.

But here’s my question for you, mama. Which is really intended to be asked of the baby. And for you to hear the answer offered up.
“Why are you breech?”

Let’s not skip over this question because we may miss the answer.

Let’s not railroad over this amazing gift of attention-getting from the baby. The pregnancy may have been smooth sailing until this point. So why all of the drama now?

What is your baby determined for you to hear right now?

I submit that the child wishes to communicate with you, mama.

As you lie on a board diagonally on your back or bounce up and down on an exercise ball or experience incense burnt on your toes or sit in deep meditation visualizing the baby turning (which they can do up to as well as during labor, so keep that in mind), add to your awareness the openness to the answer that comes.

What. is. this. baby. saying. to. you.

This is the end-zone. Birth is coming. The baby will be arriving soon.

What does this child want you to know before daily caregiving takes over the mystery of pregnancy?

Go deep.

Understand how your fear filter is affecting what you are doing, now. Ask for guidance from the baby. Be open to a new way of thinking about breech. Can you consider it a prompt? A catalyst?

When have you had these feelings before? Until you saw the heartbeat on the first sonogram? Until you heard the test results from the doctor along the way? How did you manage these feelings of mystery and waiting? Who did you turn to? What did you learn about yourself?

Past is prologue. Use your track record with. this. baby. to help both of you move through this, to inform you of decisions to make now.

Trust that in asking the question, some useful, helpful information will flow back to you.

Tune into that intuition.

What is that child asking of your highest self? To do. To be.

Why are you breech.

Ask as you drive to work. As you make your other kids’ lunches. As you sob in your partner’s arms. As you lie on the acupuncture table.


(I’d love to hear how the answer changed you.)

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  1. mavis Says:

    what a great post! thanks for putting it out there. babies are telling us so many things, if we only would take the time to listen.

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